P11D Return Information

This is an official filing requirement for HMRC.

This form is designed to record any benefits you have received from your Company. This form does NOT cover salary or dividends received from the Company.

Who is your dedicated Caroola


During the tax year period as selected above please confirm if you have received any benefits or reclaimed any expenses from the Company from the following sources:

1. Company Cars


2. Mileage Allowance

Mileage Claimed in tax year (6th April - 5th April).

3. Private Health Insurance


4. Life Insurance


5. Income Protection


6. Company Assets

Complete details of any company asset that has been made available for private use (for example Company motorbike.) Please do not declare assets that are substantially for business use, where private use is not significant.

7. Loans taken from the company*

Have you benefited from a loan or loans from the Company that has/have exceeded £10,000 in total at any point?*

8. Other non-business expenses

Details and totals of any other expenses reimbursed by the Company.

9. Any other information

Please provide any other details that you may think relevant in completing your P11D/S336 Claim.

10. Declaration

When you submit this form a copy will be sent to the relevant point of contact and a confirmation email will also be sent to you to acknowledge receipt. A print page is available in your browser should you like to print a copy of the details submitted for your records.